Frequent Asked Questions

 There is a general belief that Allergy is Allah di Marji (God's verdict) , & its incurable?

Although every physician/surgeon follows the Principle I CARE, HE CURES. Different patients respond to same treatment differently. I would like to say its not entirely Gods Will, but your cure depends on you to a greater extent. 

 What is the difference between common cold & Allergic Nose?

Allergic Nose called Allergic Rhinitis presents with sneezing/Watery Nasal discharge/itching nose especially during change of season or on exposure to a trigger factor or Allergen. Common cold is a layman's term used for all types of problems of nose, may it be sinusitis , Deviated Nasal Septum , URC etc.


 What are the dangers of Nasal/Airway Allergy if not cared?

30% of the patients of nasal allergy suffer from Allergic Bronchitis/Asthma or Nasal Polyposis sooner or later & hence the cure % decreases thereafter. So earlier treatment is started better are the results. Fungal polyposis is a condition where the polypi may spread or have pressure symptoms on Brain & Eyes.

 Are Allergy tests Painful?

The  Conventional tests Intradermal & prick test is very easily accepted by children as small as 10-12 yrs. It is really not Painful.150 types of Allergens can be tested. It might give few False Positive reports. Specificity depends on the expertise of Allergy specialist performing the tests.

Allergy Screening Tests by ELISA is done from blood samples which process the quantitative levels of All types of POLLENS / DUSTS / INSECTS / FIBRES / FUNGUS inpatients of Nasal or  Nasobronchial Allergy ( All.Bronchitis ) . CONTACT ALLERGENS for Eczema or FOOD ALLERGY for UTRICARIA for BRONCHITIS. Even Allergy to DRUGS can be tested. This can be done as early as 2-3 years of Age also.

A combination of both techniques is the Latest trend and gives 95 % specificity.

 What are the advantages of the tests?

Allergen Avoidance is the mainstay of treatment in the process of cure. I will quote some examples.

A reputed Physician with sneezing & 3-4 attacks of Bronchospasm(Asthma) in the last six months on Allergy tests shows positivity to DOG DANDER. Strangely he bought a Pomerian puppy 7 months back. He got rid of the puppy-he is fine till date.

A Bank cashier with Asthma/sneezing shows positive results to Paper dust-old notes the causative factor. He came with a single episode 4 yrs later when he being promoted as bank manager shares the duty of cashier due to his absence.-Isn't it strange. Similarly I have numerous examples.

Another Medical specialist with known Asthma was Allergic to KABULI CHANA , is better controlled with Avoidance.

Parthenium ( Congress Grass Pollens  & Leaves ) and Bhang Pollens are important triggers in North India along with     Grain Dust wheat & Rice.


 Are the tests & cure costly for a common man?

Not the least, the cure is cheaper than the cost incurred on OTC medicines & the work days missed by patient if complications occur plus the cost of Surgery to cure complications. Once Polyposis sets in or Bronchitis occurs the cure Percent decreases. IMMUNOTHERAPY is within the reach of Common Man. Acceptability & Patient Compliance is good with Sublingual Immunotherpy.

 Is there any medicines which should not be taken?

Aspirin, Brufen & Decongestants like pseudoephedrine can precipitate a attack of Asthma. (Warning note is usually ignored that is written on these medicines.


 For how long Allergy injections are given & what is the % of cure?

The Hyposensitisation takes 18-24 months, but you have to visit Allergy clinic, only once a six months .The cure % varies from 70-100%. 5% patients don't tolerate Immunotherapy shots. Moreover the schedule depends on the Allergy report Positivity.

Sublingual Immunotherpy (SLIT) is very easy to take although it takes a bit longer for peak effects as compared to SCIT   or  Allergy Shots. SLIT can be given in Kids as small as 4 years. Catch them young is the buzzword now , as compared to treatment options starting at 12 years of Age a few years back.


 Is there any alternative to Allergy shots?

Yes, we have started Sub-Lingual Therapy (SLIT) in patients as young as 5 years of age, and the results are marvelous, and side effects are 0%..